Friday, June 6, 2014

Sarah Duffy Summative Assessment Project--Orchestra Grades 10-12

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Project Description

I worked with Google add-ons (gClass Folders, Doctopus, and Goobric, specifically) and Audioboo to record and assess performances by my students. In the past, I would listen to the students perform individually during class time for our concert music assessments.  This usually took two full days to complete, and I never got to hear every student play everything or give them appropriate (and timely) feedback.  I used a paper rubric and I would do the best I could to add some comments.  Then, I would alphabetize the sheets so I could more easily enter the scores into the gradebook, enter grades, spend class time passing sheets back, and then I would find half of the sheets on the floor at the end of class.  The sheets that actually went into backpacks probably disappeared there eventually, too.  I know many teachers can relate to these challenges!  

Solution: Google add-ons and Audioboo!!

Authentic Assessment

This is authentic assessment because the students helped to select the test spots and then they get to create their own recordings on their own terms.  Some students get very nervous performing in front of other people, or they get nervous about only having one shot at their performance. By moving to this format, students could record, listen back, and re-record as many times as they like.  (Of course this is also called PRACTICING, which is the real win-win of this system.) Students became their own teachers and they were better able to identify their own areas for future growth through the process of listening to their recordings.

Personal Reflection

This project was very exciting for me.  When I first tried to collect recordings, I used Moodle and I allowed students to use any recording tool they liked.  It ended up being the Wild Wild West of performance assessment and it was incredibly messy.  Google Drive made everything so much easier, and Goobric is incredible.  My students were able to take ownership of their learning and I was better able to provide them with timely and meaningful feedback.  Looking ahead to next year, these recordings will serve as a foundation for ePortfolios in orchestra.  They will be helpful at conferences, too.  I feel like this is a system I will be able to use very successfully in the future.  

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