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Susan Tewksbury: T & T Cohort Summative Assessment Project : Credly

Susan Tewksbury
Summative Assessment
T & T Cohort
1.       I created badges using Credly for my kindergarten, first and second grade students as my summative assessment.  The badges will be given once students master grade level high frequency words, telling time and basic math facts. (addition and subtraction)  I do weekly probes for mastery or rapid recall.  The badges are broken down into segments so students are rewarded for their successes before mastering all the grade level high frequency words or facts.

2.      Language Arts Standards: Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
d. Read common high-frequency-words by sight (e.e., the, of, to, you, she, my, is, are, do, does) Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
g. Recognize and read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words, including, high-frequency words.
Math Standards: Tell time to the hour and half-hour. Tell time to the quarter-hour and distinguish between a.m. and p.m. Demonstrate fluency with basic addition facts and related subtraction facts.

3.      Using badging is a form of authentic assessment.  Using badging for increasing foundational skills may be considered a form of performance assessment, but the skills are necessary to move forward to real-world tasks which are measured by authentic assessments.  To truly qualify as an authentic assessment, the math facts learned would need to be applied to solve real-real world and mathematical problems solving addition and subtraction.  This is a third grade standard.  Students were able to demonstrate application by using words, pictures or objects to model and solve addition and subtraction problems.

The same applies for being able to rapidly recall grade level high-frequency words which increase fluency skills.  Fluency is linked to comprehension; the more fluid the reader the better able to comprehend text.
I am using badging not only to increase foundational skills, but also to motivate and reward students for their learning.

4.      Mike shared after one of my reflections that I have been all over the place with deciding what to do with this assignment.  I thought about Mastery Connect and using this to gather Individual Educational Plan (IEP) data for Standards Based IEP that the state now requires us to write.  I spent a great deal of time exploring this and decided I would need to create an entire document by grade level and subject matter for each one of my 18 students.  Though this seems like an exciting tool to use in the future, the task was too daunting to complete for this class.  Maybe a summer project? I also spent time exploring Performance Based Assessment.  I began a long term writing project with my students based on third grade Language Arts Standards (Writing).  The students were provided a Story Map and Paragraph templates using google forms to rewrite fairy tales.  The students completed this part and are in various editing stages.  Their final products will be produced using Toontastics or eBooks Creator or Story Creation.  Due to so many disruptions to our regular schedule (MCA and MAP testing) only one student is in the final production stage. After reflecting, I decided to stick with badging.  I feel it meets the needs of my current student population, provides me with a tool to reward them while making a difficult, mundane task fun for them.  I have not come up with a rubric for badging as some suggest, but I am still throwing that idea around.  I found the Credly site easy to navigate, create and distribute badges.  The difficulty I found was setting up my students with their Credly accounts.  The kindergarten, first and second grade students had difficulties with this.  This was initially time consuming, but once the accounts were created, all was easier to navigate.  

5.      Steps for students to receive their badges:
- Practice occurs 2-3 times weekly to secure high frequency words, math facts and    telling time using flashcards and games.
- Probes are taken weekly
(Fact Assessments, Time Assessments (Oral and Written), High Frequency Word    Assessments (Using Graded Lists
-Badges are given once students meet criteria to earn a badge.
Students check their Credly accounts at the beginning of each week.

           Students checking Credly accounts

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