Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jane Kretsch Summative Assessment Project

Assessments and Standards that apply:

4th Grade Language Arts Standards RL.4.1, RL. 4.2, RL 4.5, RL 4.6
Mastery Connect Website

  • Multiple QRI's  (Qualitative Reading Inventory)
    • RL 4.1, RI 4.2
  • Mystery Comprehension Assessment from HM Theme 4
    • RL 4.1, RL 4.2, RL 4.5, RL 4.6
  • Cause and Effect - Non-fiction = Theme 5  from HM
    • RI 4.2, RL 4.3

I used Mastery Connect to both create some assessments and link to other assessments that fit into our language arts standards.  Mastery Connect was first introduced to me from Scott Wolberg.  We will begin using it next year for our unit math summative assessments.  Initially I created folders for each subject area and began to explore what was out there related to our standards.  I explored how it could be used in the area of language arts. I created assessments to use with our QRI's. Using Mastery Connect will enhance my ability to track and report out how students are doing on the standards.  It is so easy to sort and know instantly where your students are preforming. The assessments are authentic and match what we are already doing via paper and pencil.  IT will clearly cut down on correcting time and make grading much easier.  Down the line I think it could also be helpful for parents to see their child's progress in real time. 

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