Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eric Albers Summative Assessment Project

Summative Assessment: Language Arts Standards Third Grade

For my summative assessment project I worked with Mastery Connect.  I began with watching the tutorials and taking a tour through the website.  It was easy to populate the mastery tracker with my students using the SIS feature.  I think it helps because the district supports the use of Mastery Connect.  I did not create any of my own assessments at this time.  My plan is to create assessments over the summer from our language arts curriculum and then attach those assessments to the benchmarks.  For now I have gone through the benchmarks and found common assessments made by other teachers and attached those.  It is quite easy to find valuable assessments to plug in to your benchmarks that others have created.  It may not be the most authentic thing but I do feel that it is a great starting point.  

Mastery Tracker with assessments added.

Summative Assessment for L.A.  Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as a basis for the answers.

I am excited to go through our Language Arts pacing guide this summer and create assessments to attach to Mastery Connect that go with the guide and Common Core standards.  Our team has already discussed going through our science and new social studies curriculum to begin adding assessments using Mastery Connect. I find the possibilities to be exciting that we will be able to work on common assessments and easily share them across our team, other buildings within the district and beyond.  I feel that this is dearly needed as we enter a phase where the focus on assessments needs to be more direct and precise to fit the needs of all our students learning styles.

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