Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Emily Johnson - Summative Assessment Project

I thought Mastery Connect would be a great tool to toy around with hearing from Scott Woelber that math summative assessments were moving that direction next year to track the 4th grade Power Standards. I like Mastery Connect for both creating assessments and linking to other assessments that fit into our language arts standards and curriculum. At first, I created folders for language and math and began to explore what was out there related to Minnesota standards and 4th grade curriculum.  I explored how it could be used in the area of language arts. Jane and I created assessments to use with several 4th grade QRI reading inventories. Using Mastery Connect will enhance my ability to assess, track and report how all 4th graders are doing on the standards.  It is so easy to sort and know instantly where your students are preforming. The assessments are authentic and match what we are already doing via paper and pencil. I am really hoping the district does move into using MC as an assessment tool as I believe it will diminish correcting time and make grading much easier and provide more time  for creating and working with students!

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