Thursday, May 22, 2014

Assessments and the 4th Grade Standards

1.  Cause and Effect Comprehension Check (Houghton Mifflin Theme 5)

  • RL 4.3, RI 4.2

2.  Mystery Reading Comprehension Check (Houghton Mifflin Theme 4)

  • RL4.1, RL4.2, RL4.5, RL4.6

3. Multiple 4th Grade QRI Reading Passages (Qualitative Reading Inventory)

  • RL 4.1, RI 4.2

I decided to use Mastery Connect because I had already heard about it at a 4th grade team meeting with Scott Woelber. We understood that it was going to be part of our math assessments starting next year so I thought what better way to learn about it than in this class.  I choose to focus on Language Arts as many of the math assessments were already being created. Taking existing assessments that were previously completed with paper and pencil and using Mastery Connect to record and report assessment outcomes was authentic because it became real, live and right in the moment for both me and the students. Students can view their results right away and therefore, see their progress in a timely manner as opposed to days later after I get around to grading. This will greatly enhance my teaching as it will lead to more time for creation and implementation and less time grading and creating assessments. 

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