Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sarah Duffy-Curriculum in the Cloud 20%

Sarah Duffy
20% Project Reflection
T&T Cohort 13-14: Curriculum in the Cloud

For my 20% project, I completed the following:

  • Set up folders in Google Drive for all of my students using gClassFolders. This amazing script set up the following for each class: a Class View folder where I can share documents with my students, a Class Edit folder where students can work on collaborative documents, and an assignment folder for each student where they can submit work and receive feedback.  This script is connected with Doctopus, where I can set up documents for individual students in the future.
  • Created a screencast for my students about how to set up and use their folders in Google Drive.
  • Created a paperless assessment system for a recorded playing test.  I used PDF Expert on the iPad to score each student on my rubric, and then I uploaded the PDF rubric directly through the app into their folders in Google Drive.  This worked well, but now that I have the folders up and running I am planning to try the following next time: share the rubric via Doctopus with each student, and have them paste a link to their recording directly into the doc OR upload their file into Google Drive.  That will save me a few steps per student.
  • Explored multiple ways to provide audio comments for students on their recorded playing tests.  I ended up settling on Smart Recorder 7, which let me record on the iPad while playing their tests off of another device.  I uploaded the recordings into PDF Expert and moved them from there into their Google Drive folders.  After listening to their recordings, students completed a very brief Google Form to verify that they completed assignment.
  • I researched and ordered multiple tools for my iPad so it will be more useful in my classroom.  I ordered an external mic and all of the necessary gear to attach it to the iPad or computer, a mic stand, and an iKlip2 stand.  Here is a comparison of the internal mic on my HP laptop vs. the Blue Yeti Pro mic ($179).  I am now trying to figure out the best way to run audio through the stereo system in my room--bluetooth receiver, AirPlay, etc.
  • I spent a lot of time exploring apps for the music classroom.  I asked for recommendations through my PLN on Facebook and I received some invaluable advice.
  • I attended training on Doceri, the program that allows someone to run their computer through the iPad and project it on the screen.  
  • Air Server was installed on my iPad and laptop so now I can project from my iPad.  
  • I wrote the title and description for a session I will be presenting on technology integration at the 2014 summer MNSOTA teachers’ workshop at the College of St. Benedict.
  • I explored recording methods for use during the All-State audition process.

I was able to improve greatly upon my current assessment procedures by going paperless through the Google Drive folders.  Being able to provide recorded comments is a wonderful benefit for the students.  Going paperless will save a few reams of paper each year, too.  By having the students complete a recorded performance assessment, they have a chance to listen to their own performance and evaluate their growth.  The recordings provide an ongoing portfolio for each student, too.

My students know that I am participating in the cohort this year, and they know that they are my “guinea pigs”!  We are all learning and growing through our explorations together.  They see me modeling digital-age work and learning every day, especially now that I have an iPad to use in class.

I shared my work with gClassFolders with my PLC.  I have been working on my presentation for the summer MNSOTA workshop.  I have been seeking out and exploring additional resources for professional growth, such as the book by Danah Boyd, my Twitter feed, and the school orchestra teacher group on Facebook.

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