Tuesday, February 4, 2014

20% Project - isummitmn, ipad app galore!

Last Saturday, 1/2/14, I visited isummitmn at Hopkins High School!

This was a summit primarily aimed at ipad users, however many of the apps/ websites were applicable for any device. This was a fun day and passed quickly with a lot of information to process, here are some highlights for me

Connected with Minnetonka High School Chemistry department to see how there doing and Spring Lake what they are doing, hopefully future collaboration.

On this day i Learned about

zondle - online quizzing
educreations - recording of voice/writing over movies/images
Explain everything - quick editable media files explaing ideas/topics
iMovie - making movies on apple products
Pic Collage - blending media together quickly and easily
remind101 - reminder program for students and parents
Padlet - Open whiteboard online
reflector - mirror image of ipad, through airplay (not applicable for our district)

Already knew and use, but learned more about

google drive as an app

Since then 


Its through this day I increased my level of engagement of Kahoot, therefore I created a Quiz for a class I dont even teach to actively encourage others to try it out

On Kahoot, I created a Quiz 5A, which Chemistry teachers could use in the next 2 weeks

Please see email sent to Chemistry Teachers

Hi there people,

If you are interested in trying something new with a little fun for students / informal assessment then please try Kahoot,

I strongly recommend it, originally I passed it off a long time ago as a middle school gimmick, however recently I saw strong value in it, it’s an online game that they can do with any smart/web enabled device

Because I am a nice guy, no comment please, I have created a 5A test/Quiz for you guys as I believe that’s next on the horizon

If interested click on,

And create an account (quick and easy)

Click on public and look for

Gen Chem 5A And you ready to play with a class!

I am more than happy to set up and get anyone going if you need help and or give feedback that is / not worthwhile for the future


Recently I also played around with iMovie after the summit because I hadn't realized just how quick and easy it was to make a video of high quality. This potentially could help make instructional videos for the future......

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