Friday, December 20, 2013

Sherry Klehr 20% Project for the Collaborating with Community Course

      To model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility I spent way too much time looking.  After previewing the tech cohort resources, I really "branched out" and "googled it".  I searched for"digital citizenship for middle schoolers" which brought me to many of the same sites which were given to our cohort as resources.

     I bookmarked many sites, watched lots of videos, and thought I had it done when I ran across the short video clip I chose.  It seemed really appropriate for 6th graders, even a little edgy perhaps, but very realistic. I've always been a little "creeped out" about posting photos to Facebook and on phones not only for myself, but for my children who are 17 and 19.  They were in grade school and middle school when these social media avenues erupted, and I don't believe there was a full understanding of consequences as they waded into the abyss.

     If I were to teach digital responsibility to my sixth graders, I believe this resource would be appropriate.  After the holidays, I suspect a few more students will come back to school with a "phone" of some sort, so it may be a great time to re-visit online photo posting safety.

     When students return from their holiday break, we would talk about what we already know about posting photos and videos and what questions we still may have.  We may choose to take notes on a KWL chart.
After showing the following video, I would ask students to complete the L column of the KWL chart.  I'm sure a discussion and many more questions would arise.

     My own questions involve the nature of Twitter photos, Instagram, and Vines.

     I believe that the open-ended nature of this assignment was essentially good for me, but I would have completed it more efficiently if I had more guidance.  I searched and played more with the websites, in addition to asking questions of others.  I also came to a belief with myself that I was not going to put time into something I wouldn't use right away in the classroom.

     After reading a few posts before I submit this, I've noticed I'm not the only one who gets lost on Twitter, or wandering the internet, hopping from link to link.  It's CRAZY!!! and not good for my older brain to be challenged this way to stay on track.  This is definitely one more time and place to assert self-control.

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