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Mellanie Pusateri 20% Project for Collaboration Community

Digital Citizenship Project May Term at EHS

Once students have been accepted into the May term program (application complete, supervisor has been approved, calendar approved, grades/attendance on track). We have a mandatory meeting in Fick/EPAC to discuss the program, specific expectations, and go through the Moodle course (which could change to the efolio).  We would expect and advertise that all students need to bring a device to this meeting so we could set up the initial efolio. Prior to meeting the students, the May term advisors will meet with Mike Walker/Tech aides to help in the initial efolio set up for students.

Our goal is to promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility. Some resources we may use are listed below:  Intro video at the mandatory meeting  social networking---stuff to know

After the videos and introduction, we will try to promote and model digital etiquette and responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information by introducing the efolio. Edina high school is the only public high school in the state that offers a May term experience, and we believe students who participate can (and should) use this learning to aid in their future. In the past the students have saved/shared their May term work through Moodle, however, we have noticed students who graduate and return want access to this work which is difficult to access post graduation. The efolio offers some wonderful options for students as listed below:

Advantages of efolio vs Moodle…
-students can access after graduation
-use for college/post graduation
-use for potential internships or future jobs
-ability to communicate and see others efolios/sharing of ideas
-ability to add artifacts from high school years

Efolio headings:
Title and description of May term
Photos/video footage of May term
Mission statement
May term presentation
Final Reflection

Show the students a sample efolio
Students log on  and begin to use efolio

Process of completing this project

I spent lots of time focusing on how to best model responsible citizenship.  I currently use Moodle for my courses but need to show better more responsible leadership on it. After our work in class, I realized that I do not share my grading rubric online with the students. I currently do not post rubrics for discussions/forums but I intend on adding them into my coursework. This can only help in the responses that students are willing to share in group discussions.

I also spent lots of time exploring the different resources on the tech tools webpage.  I loved seeing what is out there, but struggled in how to use it.  As a secondary physical education teacher, I felt I was not knowledgeable in what others are doing to address cyberbullying and other issues. I found myself addressing wellness/fitness and believe I could add more to my Moodle page on cyberbullying and decision making but I want more knowledge of what my colleagues are doing as to not repeat the same to my students. I was particularly engaged in 2121, 21st century learning for 21st century learners. I really want to find a way to show this to students or parents or younger school aged kids.

The open ended nature of this project frustrated me until I found my aha moment.  Once I decided to do the efolio with May Term things fell into place, although it took quite a bit of time to get to my aha moment.  Although I believe the efolio is a great idea, I still believe that there are a lot of questions to be answered but it is worth trying it out as there are so many advantage for the students.

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