Sunday, December 15, 2013

Leslie Stageberg 20% Project for The Collaboration for Community Cohort

Digital Citizenship in Kindergarten
My plan for teaching digital citizen to young children will happen using three main strategies:  
  • Explicit modeling, including thinking out loud and showing kids how I use digital tools respectfully and responsibly on a regular basis.  i.e. web use, connecting digitally with others through email, Hangouts, Skype, etc. Using a checklist of digital citizenship skills to track what has been introduced, explicitly modeled and practiced by students will ensure covering all the standards.   
  • Capitalizing on natural moments to teach and discuss being a digital citizen as we are using digital tools.  
  • Direct instruction with lessons and resources I found and created.

Kindergarten Lessons on Digital Citizenship

The process to complete this project included searching online for resources and ideas, reflecting on what is crucial for kindergartners to understand and practice, and considering fun ways to integrate it into digital projects we already do.  I kept track of my ideas and resources on a Google document that dramatically grew and changed as I found better resources and refined my thinking.  The short kid friendly videos seem most valuable since they make the learning of abstract ideas visual and more concrete, and often are narrated by kids which is motivating and fun.   

I was unsure at first with the open ended learning style of this project, but in the end appreciated being able to work specifically on what will support my students, and formatting lessons and ideas in a flexible manner leaving me choices as to how and when I will use them.  Choosing to use this easy to access document of resources that I anticipate will dramatically change and grow over time as I experience this teaching and learning is going to suit my needs best.  

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