Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jane Kretsch 20% Project Personal Inquiry Project = Collaborating and Community

Personal Inquiry Project - Digital Citizenship

How do we build digital citizenship within our classroom?

  1. Begin by watching some videos from Common Sense Media and Brainpop to get the students thinking about their behavior online.
      1. After viewing the videos all students would sign a Common Sense Media poster pledging to be kind, responsible digital citizens.  
  2. Have students read print and online resources related to the topic of digital citizenship.  Students need to understand their role in making good choices in order to be a responsible and ethical citizen in an evolving digital world.  Read books in MackinVIA, (Blog It and Minding your Manners Online) around the topic of Digital Citizenship.  There are some activities that the children could complete after reading various sections.  
  3. After reading the MackinVIA books, students will go onto Kidblog and blog about how they plan to apply what they read to their own life. Sample Question for response: What does it mean to be a good digital citizen?  How could you apply what you read to your own life.
Student Criteria : Your comment should be at least 5 sentences long. Put your first name and last initial after your blog.
    1. Keeping comment focused to the topic
    2. Respectful responses
    3. Responding with meaningful comments

  1. Students will write a book recommendation in our school’s online library “Destiny Quest”.  Students will also respond to one another’s book recommendation requests. Student also share book reviews with the broader Concord community.  Down the road the students could also write reviews for Barnes and Noble.
  2. Post Blogging and rules within the classroom from Scholastic News as a reminder.

  1. Personal Reflection and Resources
    1. Resources: Common Sense Media. Org, Brainpop, Scholastic News, Tweeter, MackinVIA, Laurie Holland (Media Specialist)

      This project took me a great deal of time to formulate. I knew I wanted something that could be used within my classroom that would add to the overall understanding of digital citizenship with fourth graders. Mike came over to our school and met with Emily and me to help clarify the project. That was extremely helpful. Once I had my idea, I spent time researching a variety of resources both online and in print. The online resourced in Common Sense Media were the most helpful. That is where I found some quick and easy to understand videos to use with my class. Our school just began using MackinVIA and I was excited to find two books that could be purchased and used by my entire class. Laurie Holland was very helpful in finding both MackinVia and online resources for me. She has already agreed to purchase two books. The books are called, Blog It and Minding your Manners Online.

      The open nature of this project was more difficult for me.  I tend to be more concrete sequential.  Therefore, I felt at times unsure if I was going down the right path.  I could have used more up front direction.  

      Now that the project is written, I am excited to begin in January with my class.  I see this project taking several sessions to complete.  It is the type of topic that is good to revisit often with children.  This is a very important concept for all students to know and understand. 

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