Monday, December 16, 2013

Emily Johnson's 20% Personal Inquiry Project for Collaboration and Community

20% Personal Inquiry Project - Digital Citizenship

How do we build digital citizenship within our classroom?

  1. Begin by watching some videos from Common Sense Media and Brainpop to get the students thinking about their behavior online.
    1. Digital Etiquette
    2. Blogs
  2. After viewing the videos, student will sign a Common Sense Media Poster pledging to be kind, responsible digital citizens.
  3. Have students read print and digital resources/books related to the topic of digital citizenship. Students need to understand their role in making good choices in order to be a responsible and ethical citizen in an evolving digital world.  Students will read books about digital citizenship in MackinVia (Blog It and Minding Your Manners Online). There are several activities students could complete after reading.
  4. After reading MackinVia books, students will use KidBlog to respond as to how they will apply their new knowledge to their own lives.
    • Sample question: What did you learn about being a responsible digital citizen? How could you apply that to your own life? Your response must include at least 5 complete sentences. Be sure to include your first name and last initial in your response.
    • Students' responses must be respectful, focused on the topic and thoughtful.
  5. Students will write book recommendations in our school’s online library, “Destiny Quest”.  They will also respond to one another’s book recommendation requests. Student can also share book reviews with the broader Concord community. There is also a possibility for students to write book reviews on the Barnes and Noble website.
  6. I will post blogging rules from Scholastic News in the classroom for students to have a constant reminder of our online expectations.
  7. Personal Reflection and Resources
  • Resources: Common Sense Media, Brainpop, MackinVia (books: Blog It and Minding Your Manners Online), Scholastic News, KidBlog, Laurie Holland (Concord Media Specialist)
  • Reflection: At first, I was confused about the project and really not certain where to begin. The open-ended nature of the project made it challenging for me to get started initially. I struggled with not knowing what direction to take or where to begin. I was very thankful, however, that Mike Walker was able to meet with Jane Krestch and me to clarify and give us a bit more direction. After our meeting, I knew what direction I wanted to go with this project and felt very comfortable using online and print resources to guide the creation of the project. Commons Sense Media was the best resource for easy to understand videos that are very kid friendly and will be great for introducing digital citizenship to 4th graders. MackinVia also proved to be a great resource for online books that kids can all access at once and read on their own using our classroom Chromebooks. Finally, I met with our Media Specialist, Laurie Holland, who had some great ideas for introducing digital citizenship to students as well as having students demonstrate their understanding of being a good digital citizen. I am really excited to have my students get started on this project. I know they will learn a lot and have fun in the process - I will too! I am hoping to begin in January with my class.

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