Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chad Forslin, 20% Project from Collaboration in Community

My Project:
   I first spent time looking for good 2nd grade appropriate digital citizenship, responsibility and safety resources.  I finally decided to use as the resource because my students are already familiar with this media.
   Next, I divided my students into 4 groups to cover the four topics covered.
Digital Etiquette
Information Privacy
Online Safety
Cyber Bullying
   They each watched their assigned video twice and watched for one thing that really stood out a being a good rule or very important for 2nd graders to know.
   Then, we spent time learning about making a presentation in their Google Apps site.  They each were assigned a slide to display the rule/information they wanted to showcase.
Here is the presentation so far:

2nd Grade Digital Citizenship Guidelines 

   We will next do some editing and add any important things we missed.  We will then share it with other 2nd grade classroom in our school.

   I feel like I have covered the standard of getting students to understand and promote responsible digital citizenship with this project.  My students were learning some important facts and ideas about internet safety and then were given the responsibility to take that information and create something to teach others.
   I like having a chance to be creative but also think I work better with a few more guidelines.  I like to try to follow rules and have guidelines.  I get worried that I might be missing the idea when the directions are more open eneded.

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