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My Plan for Teaching Digital Citizenship in Kindergarten

My plan to teach digital citizenship in kindergarten takes place with my students and their parents.  The key in kindergarten is modeling and scaffolding.  In my mind, I have laid out a plan that I will proceed with at the beginning of each year.

In August
·         Post a Google Voice message on my kindergarten website that welcomes parents and children to my classroom. Parents and students can interact with links I have available.
·         Have parents sign the District’s acceptable use policy
·         Inform and explain to parents how I will use Twitter to connect with other kindergarten classrooms around the world
o   Give them background on how another kindergarten class has used Twitter – explain how Twitter will use used in our classroom

In September and October
I will begin to focus on promoting and modeling digital etiquette and responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information by
  • ·         Introducing classroom desktop computers to my students.  Model appropriate use.  Lessons would include.

                                      Showing them the Acceptable Use Policy 
o   How to “wake up” a computer
o   Using headphones appropriately – volume control
o   Using a mouse
o   Double clicking to open a given program
  • ·         Introducing iPads as learning tools for our classroom

o   Teacher modeling using the iPad to take video and pictures
o   Teacher modeling proper holding and care of iPads
o   Teacher creating with small groups VoiceThread Presentations with their “Rhyme Time” objects
Mini Lessons for students
·         How to hold the iPad
·         How to open an app
·         Working only on assigned apps
·         How to take a good picture – what is appropriate to take a picture of?
  • ·      Introducing Twitter to develop and model cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging students of other cultures using digital-age communication and collaboration tools

o   Make a map of the world.  Show students where we are on the map.
o   Show our classroom Twitter page and show them pictures of classrooms following us – place those classrooms on our world map
o   Model how to compose a Tweet using nice words
o   Model how to respond to a Tweet using kindness and caring
o   Model how to have a conversation with another kindergarten class on Twitter – what is okay to share?
o   Model a Google+ Hangout with a local kindergarten class and practice not sharing private information – give a tour of our classroom
o   Send a Tweet on my professional account to illicit responses to model the number of people who can view my Tweets – modeling awareness of digital footprint
Teach lessons from Unit 1           
o   Going Places Safely
o   Keep it Private

In November and December
·         I will continue to promote and model digital etiquette and responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information by
o   Model use of VoiceThread and My Story apps – focus on saving our creations and sharing it with others
§  Share projects on our classroom website
§  E-mail creations to parents in the classroom
·         I will develop and model cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with colleagues and students of other cultures using digital-age communication and collaboration tools
o   Model using class Twitter account how to share pictures of what our playground looks like. 

From January and Beyond
·         I will continue to model digital citizenship daily as we interact with tools such as iPads, computers, Twitter, and classroom websites.
·         Students will interact with these technologies in small groups and individually. 
·         The focus will be using the iPads for creating and sharing our learning.  Apps will include
o   VoiceThread, My Story, Skitch, Tellagami
·         Twitter will be used to continue our cultural understanding and global awareness.

My Process of Completing this Project

I began the project by looking through at the resources on the following website and picked out two lessons I would teach.

My project continued as I focused on how I was going to promote and model digital etiquette, responsible social interactions, cultural understanding, global awareness, and engage with students of other cultures using digital-age tools.  I went to Twitter to see what kindergarten teachers have been doing.  I found a great resource in Sharon Davison.  She shared an article that she wrote entitled, “It’s Never too Soon to Teach Digital Citizenship”

I sent a direct message to Sharon in Twitter to gain more insights about how she started her Twitter account.  I knew in order to meet the global connections and awareness components of this standard creating a Twitter account was going to be the best way for me to do this.
I spent well over four hours on Twitter figuring out kindergarten classrooms that were on Twitter.  I found this link helpful.
Great Twitter Classroom Connections

In seeking out kindergarten classrooms to follow, I joined #kinderchat. Once I created my class Twitter account, I began following other kindergarten classes that I had located.   I also direct messaged kindergarten teachers that were following my professional account to inquire if they had a class account. Now I can model and create global connection via Twitter with my kindergarten class.
My time was spent viewing links on digital citizenship, spending hours on Twitter following links and classrooms on Twitter, and figuring out how to go about the whole process. My most valuable resources came from Tweets.  Here are the links I found most helpful.
·         Powerful routines for the one iPad classroom
·! Focus on Digital Citizenship - Site like Pinterest
·         Piktochat – nice visual of digital citizenship
·         Sharon E. Davidson’s Class Blog – links to Twitter
o   Social Media in Kindergarten – Join us on Twitter
The opened ended nature of this assignment drove me crazy.  I think I’m renaming it the 100% blog because I spent around 20 hours completing this assignment. I would have liked to have more specifics in terms of the final product.  I think I went way overboard. The question, “What is your plan for teaching digital citizenship?” is not specific enough for me. Does that mean one idea? Does that mean the full scope and sequence of it? I absolutely have created a process that I will use and am ready to incorporate it in my classroom.

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