Sunday, December 15, 2013

20% Project - Breaking down those language barriers.

Its highly important as a teacher, I model best practices when it comes digital citizenship, that I role model for not only social interactions but also the use of technology and information

I choose not to participate in certain online social media because I may not be able to control/discourage inappropriate use

I see its my job to increase the level of global awareness by engaging students of other cultures, using digital age communication

My 20% project is designed to do just that in my content area, and to do so I must be equitable to all Learners / cultures.
One of the biggest issues is language, if there isn't an effective method of communication then there is isn't ever going to be true collaboration. Students of one language/culture may not be able to effectively communicate with another and the same problem is true for teachers.

I really focused my time and attention on 4d, developing understanding of global awareness using digital age communication and collaboration tools, while also promoting 4c, digital etiquette, 

This has been a slow project, however the concept I looked into some time ago never got off the ground due to time commitment and low number of students in my class affected I dropped the case.

Sometimes I find a problem of Language, how can I promote collaboration and digital awareness when there may be language barriers, so to solve the problem my website wants to be in Spanish Somali? to accommodate no English language learners while also making others more conscientiously aware that we are not always of one culture and or language,

Small things include using Google translate to change my website to other common languages, the same method can be used for worksheets, blogs etc.

I am currently working on a project that would allow German speaking students to comment on other students work in American-English

In English

In Spanish

In Somali

Worksheet in Spanish, which worked with good affect by the way!

Student work shared for feedback from international students

Student shared google doc.

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